Commercial & corporate law
Legal advice with regard to ordinary and extraordinary corporate actions and commercial contracts. Assistance in deals for restructuring company assets among which transfer of assets, capital contributions, mergers, de–mergers and liquidations. Consultancy and assistance in M&A dealings and management buy out transactions. Consultancy in generation transfers and family buy outs.
Corporate tax
Tax assistance and advisory services, including reorganization process and other extraordinary transactions, advice and legal opinions, support of the continuous nature on income taxes, V.A.T., customs duties and other indirect taxes.
Accounting and tax services
Account keeping, consultancy on the statutory financial statement in accordance with the companies’ law and tax regulations and income tax return. Connected administrative and secretarial services. Day to day corporate assistance to firms and companies. Tax planning concerning the taxation of the people.
Internationalisation deals
Corporate assistance in actions of internationalisation or delocalisation. Tax planning with the support of our network. Incorporation of companies and permanent establishments abroad, management of overseas structures and related secretarial services.
Activity of due diligence and specialised tax reviews. Predispositions of expert surveys relative to company actions. Assumption of appointments in statutory audit committees.
Tax Litigation & arbitration
Assistance and services of legal representation in tax litigation in front of the revenue tribunals, as well as in arbitration proceedings for the settlement of disputes. Assistance during tax audits.
Assistance with reference to corporate reorganization and bankruptcy proceedings.
Judicial appointments.